One of my fears

I really need to get over my fear for dentists. I avoid going there for as long as I can. Not that I could even afford it. It costs like hell in my country. But still, I could think of something if I wanted to.

And I do need to. My tooth has been hurting for fiew days. So I have been thinking about going, but I’m afraid. I really don’t like dentists. For a long time I couldn’t figure out why. Now I think I finally did.

When I went to elementary school dental care was free. But the dentists had these huge machines. And every time I had to have a filling but in, it hurt like hell. When ever I think about dentists, I think of that pain. There was a time where I was starting to get over my fear, but then I moved and didn’t have the chance to go to visit them. now the fear is back.

I wonder if I should take it the same as the parachute jumping. I am afraid of that to, but I want to get over it and just do it.

Maybe I am meant to just take it as a chance to face my fears.


2 Replies to “One of my fears”

  1. The parachute thing is amazing! it’s not as bad as you imaging. I would totally prefer parachute jumping than dentist. I hate the sound of their machines, and the sensation of it vibrating in my teeth.
    By the way, I loved the picture of the top!

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