My day aka Silver lining

It was a crisp, bright morning. I woke up at seven to get ready for my job interview. Took a shower, got dressed and did my make up. I was ready for my day. Before I left, I checked my things, did I have everything. When I was certain everything needed was in my bag I walked out.

I have this tiny hill with a road near my house. I use that every time I need to get to the train station. When I was at the bottom of the hill I could hear a speeding car, I couldn’t see it since there is a forest that prevents everyone to see the road. When that car got near the hill I could hear it slowing down. And then the car turned down from the road, then I saw these huge trucks following that car.

I had been walking for five minutes when I realised I didn’t lock my door. First thought was to leave it, I have three dogs, nothing can happen. But then I decided to run back and lock the door, just in case. I had this little panic attack, I wasn’t going to make it to my job interview.

When I got to my house, I made a phone call to my sister, what would she do. Would she try to make it, running to the train station, or not. It usually takes me 25 minutes to get to the station. I had 20 minutes until the train left. My sister told me I should try. So I did.

I made it in 17 minutes.

I could say this had a silver lining tho, I got my workout.


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