The girl with a dragon tattoo

I’ver been thinking about this topic, that “let it be“,and I couldn’t thinkof anything. And then I rememberedthe movie “The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo”. I’m not sure how many of you know this movie or even the books. But before the US version of the movie, there was movies made in Sweden. The original movies. And in my oppinion these were way better than the so called remakes from Hollywood.

Let’s just start from the most important thing. The woman who played Lisbeth in the Swedish version was way better. You actually believed she was Lisbeth, not just an actor. I mean she looked natural with all these piercings and that dark clothing. The one who played Lisbeth in US version wasn’t that believeble in that role. For me atleast. You could tell that it is just a role she is playing.

This is Noomi Rapace, she was the first Lisbeth. She now has done some american movies like Prometheus and evenSherlock Holmes. But looking at that gif and comparing it to the other Lisbeth…

maybe it’s just me.

Also I don’t like how Hollywood version has that sex sells mentality. The scenes are longer and all that.

I would recommend watching the original movies with Noomi, but you may need to watch it with subtitles, since it is in swedish. I really think the american version shouldn’t have been made.


4 Replies to “The girl with a dragon tattoo”

  1. As I live in Switzerland I was very lucky with the Millennium Trilogy as the books first of all appeared in German long before english. I also watched the Swedish films dubbed in German on our TV and so I was way ahead before they got to the Anglo speaking countries. You are right, the original Swedish films are so much better, genuine and follow the book. I am quite a fan of the whole Trilogy, although even I would admit that the last book was a small disappointment. The end was drawn out too long. Actually my husband introduced me to the books from the very beginning

    1. there was meant to be 4th book well thats what I heard from somewhere, but the author died and the heirs were fighting over who gets what, and they found the skript or something of the 4th book.
      I don’t know if it is true or not tho.

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