Ghost stories

Fiew days ago I discovered this series called Ghost Stalkers. So these two guys believe that if you have had a near death eperience, or when you have died for fiew seconds/minutes, you could contact ghosts. Or something like that.

One of these two guys is Chad Lindberg, kinda known actor. Anyway they both spend one night alone in haunted house. And every time that Chad is alone in these buildings, he gets freaked out whenever he hears a noise, or well anything.

Why I mentioned it was because don’t you think there are too many series focusing on haunted buildings. There is Ghost Adventures. Where it has gone to a point where things just doesn’t seem right. I watched it ages ago. It seemed kinda cool. And then things just went a little too far. If you have watched it you may know what I’m talking about.

There is Ghost Hunters, Ghost Asylum and then there was even a show where they wanted to catch a ghost (don’t remember the name). Now there is Ghost Stalkers. That made me wonder why. Are they really so popular that we need so many of them. Is it a new trend, like having a series about haunted buildings is what makes you cool.

There is also a show, Supernatural, where you know it’s fiction. And that makes it different, but these, Seriously.

Sad thing is I have watched most of them and I don’t even know why.


11 Replies to “Ghost stories”

  1. I have paranormal experiences all the time (And write them on my blog as it happens or within an hour of it happening) I think TV has just glorified “ghost hunting” to the point everyone wants to do it for “fun” when the serious ones want to actually get to the bottom of all the stories/ sightings you see and I am one of them, I go out each weekend to see if I can gather EVP’s of spirits and more often than not, they reply to me, Luckily I also post them on my blog and YouTube xxx

    1. I always thought it could be a little dangerous, Because you don’t know what kind of ghost will you encounter. Maye their are the types who stick with you and start messing with you. So I figured that in order to do those things you need to know how to protect yourself.
      But I do find those interesting, I must, otherwise I wouldn’t keep watching those.

      1. I’ve been doing it for 6 years and nothing has ever followed me home nor tried to harm me in any way, in fact, I’ve been to readings with mediums and they all said I can’t be read because “something” is protecting me, I don’t think this is true but anything is possible xx

      2. you must be pretty skilled with it by now πŸ˜€ 6 years is a long time πŸ˜€ I have had some experience with paranormal and so does fiew people I know, So I do love a good scary story πŸ˜€ wish I was brave enough to do my own investigation πŸ˜€

      3. I love it! Especially when you record and you can actually hear their voices! I get experiences in my own home now since my great grandmother passed away back in 2012. Between hearing footsteps, her voice AND a black figure in my room, it’s safe to say… I don’t have to go far haha! xxx

      4. My mom did this thing with our house, kinda like protection. So nothing like that could get into the house, But we have a quite new house, and I’m pretty sure that we are the first people living in here.
        When I lived in UK my friends had an apartment next to a cemetery, it was really old, and it was scary. I’m pretty sure if I ever see another ghost again I would get a heartattack

      5. my friend told me this thing that happened to her, she was home alone, she was sitting in the kitchen, I think she was cooking. Anyway she heard three loud knocks onthe door. when she looked out from the window, noone was there.
        After that I’m afraid to be alone in the house. Even tho my mom says that for her, when she saw a ghost, the moment she saw it, you get really calm. That at that moment she wasn’t afraid, but later she was. after the ghost was gone.
        Is that true? πŸ˜€

      6. Well for me it was, it gets you into like a sort of trance because you can’t quite believe what you’re seeing, but by the time your brain ACTUALLY realizes that you’ve seen something “non living” then you start to panic slightly or completely flip out (depends on how shocked you were to begin with) xx

      7. well, I hope I will not have contact with anything paranormal anytime soon πŸ˜€ But I can’t wait for more of your posts, reading about these things is really interesting

      8. Thanks! I’ll be sure to update my blog when or if I’ll get another experience, I generally post my investigations on there too, I’ll resume them in the new year, Check back often xx

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