My halloween costumes


Fiew years ago I had my first real halloween party. I had been in UK for two months almost. And couldn’t even imagine how big it was over there. Because where I’m from, we don’t celebrate it that big. We have our own holidays.

I think the biggest problem was finding a costume. And also I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on it. After looking around in different stores, I found this Witches hat. And it was only 1 pound. So I had to buy it. Added black dress and dark makeup. I was done.
halloweenIf I could choose any costume, without thinking about the budget, I actually would have quite fiew ideas. One would be Elsa from the Frozen. I mean she was such a great character. And to be honest, I would choose my costume based on my mood.

If I had to choose based on my innermost self, I would have to multiply myself several times. Since there isn’t just one person inside me. I mean, there are different sides to me and choosing one would be impossible. Since they are all equal.

I would probably choose something like on that gif. Slightly badass and dark.



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