The name “Gotham” may give you a hint what the TV show is about. For those who doesn’t get it, it is a show about gotham city. It focuses on James Gordon as he starts working in this city. There is also batman in this series. Well, kinda. It shows Bruce Wayne and the time after his parents were killed. How he deals with it.

So basically it should show you how Gordon got to where he is when Batman apears. I think. But there are fiew things.

One, because the city is very corrupt and most people in power take bribed, it is quite hard for Gordon. So I do hope they, screenwriters, will write another good cop in this series. You knw, so that James would’t be alone in this plan to clean the force.

Two, the guy he pretended to kill, Cobblepot. I don’t get it. Maybe people who have read the comics will know him, but i don’t and I don’t like him. What is his endgame?

But so far it has been a great show. I also like how you can see batmans enemys, if you can call them that. Catwoman and all these others.

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