One of my trips

When it gomes to traveling, I usually find a place, or discover, and I will get this obsession. I just have to travel to that place. I will look at pictures and think about how I really want to go there. Fiew years ago that place was Crete. I saw a picture somewhere, with all these white houses and that blue sea. And of course the sun. I mean it looked like the perfect place. So when I had a chance to go there, I took it. How could I not?

At first, because I am such a budget traveler, I found the cheapest way to travel there. I took the bus from Tallinn (Estonia) to Vilnius (Lithuania). From there I went on a plane, to Chania (Crete) and from there a bus to Heraklion. Finally from there I took a bus to Malia.

When me and my friend first got to Crete, it was a night time, don’t remember exactly what time it was. But then we were slightly lost, because we thought we could go to Heraklion straight away. But we needed to wait for maybe six hours. And trust me it wasn’t the nicest place. But the smell, I mean I could tell I was far from home. So me and my friend just chilled in the airport, and when we saw that sun started to rise, we went out to watch it. And those mountains. I thought to myself, am I really here.


Some of the pictures aren’t that good. We finally got to Malia and we had to find the place we were staying. Which was difficult. And after an hour we finally found it, and got a sunburn at the same time. When I saw the place, I was slightly disappointed. There were no white houses on a mountain. It was the city where english youth went partying all the time. They drank at night and went to the beach douring day time and sunbathe with a hungover.

I didn’t get the beach system there. You had to pay to get a sunbed. But there was no room if you didn’t want one. So if I went to a beach and wanted to lay on the sand, I couldn’t. There was no room for that.

SAMSUNGBut the water was warm and salty. I wanted to stay there longer. Even though the beach was filled with half drunk people. I don’t know how they did it. I mean with a hungover on a beach. And it was so hot.

SAMSUNGWe had a chance to be in a real pool party. It was just like in the movies. Also after one of our club nights we went to a beach ta watch the sunrise from there. And it was amazing. It was one of those things I would recommend to everyone. It is one thing to see it on a picture, another to see it with your own eyes.

IMG-20130704-01046Even though it seemed like an awesome place, it could have been better if I went with someone I knew better.

IMG-20130706-01097Anyway. I finally got to go to this country. Now I really want to go to Hollywood. Actually I want to go everywhere, since I LOVE traveling. I am already thinking about going to another place. France. My friend is doing her masters there. And she lives near Paris where she and her friend have a flat. So it is a must. Can’t let this opportunity to go by. I mean, I wouldn’t have to pay for accommodation.


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