New shows

If you know me, or have been reading my blog, you would know that I’m a huge fan of different TV shows. And since I have watched most of them, and usually wait for a week for new episodes, I am constantly looking for new shows to watch. Today I found out that there are two new shows about law and lawyers. One is called Benched and one Cristela. Honestly though, they are not very inviting. I don’t know if it’s the pictures they used or the introducing text.

Benched is about this woman, who has a mental breakdown after her ex-fiance gets engaged again and she doesn’t get the promotion she was hoping for. She ends up working as a public defender after losing her job because of her meltdown. Her ex is the prosecutor, which means there could be some interesting moments goming up. And to be honest it is actually funny, at times. There is this one thing I’m pretty sure about, at some point she will have a thing with her co-worker.

Cristela, well I watched it for five minutes, and realised- not for me. There aren’t many shows where that fake audience laughter is okay. I really don’t like it


Kingdom – for those who are into fighting. It’s about this guy who owns a MMA gym. He is trying to keep it running and his best hope is his son, Nate played by Nick Jonas. Nates brother, Jay, doesn’t get a long with their father, becuase Jay uses drugs and have this insane party lifestyle. Anyway it si about their life. I actually really like this show and was suprised when I saw how Nick Jonas played in there, since he seems like this good guy. And in this move he is this muscled fighter.


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