The Flash – spoiler included

After months of waiting, the pilot episode of The Flash is out. And it was awesome. I was watching Arrow with my brother and there was this episode where Grant Gustin played Barry Allen. My brother told me that there will be a show called Flash and that the same guy will be playing the same person. The guy is kinda, nerdly cute.

There were fiew classic scenes. One where Barry saw his chilhood friend, who is a girl, kiss another guy. Her fathers new partner. The second is where he, Barry, goes to see his dad in prison. He is there because he is wrongly convicted for killing his wife and Barrys mother. And there they are talking and then both of them put their hand on a class. You know the scene. 

Man, I wish lightning could give abs and not kill you. I would be running outside every time there is a thunder storm outside.


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