I pick the past

If I had to choose between the past and the future, my pick would be the bast. I had a conversation about that fiew weeks ago with someone. Even though the life for women was difficult at times, I still think it would be way better. Imagine sailing the seas with the pirates or going on a conquest with vikings. The style was unique and there were rules, which could be broken. But there was some etiquet. And the biggest plus – people talked with eachother. They went out and indulged with all sorts of activites.

I think that the communication between people may decrease even more. With all that technology developments. And when that happens people will get comfortable sitting on the couch or being in bed using their, technology and that means they will not move themselves enough and people will get fat.

Another reason why I would pick past is that you get the chance to do something big. So the people, in the future, could learn about you and the great things you did. But then again when you get the chance to go to the past, you can’t actually do anything because it can alter the events of the future. (I have seen way to many TV shows and movies)

PS: I would pick the machine that would get me to Hogwards


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