Train station

Another journey ahead. I packed my things and head out. Searching for my mp3 as I walked out from my garden. Headed to the train station.

I press play and go to my own little place. My bubble. Where I think about my things.

One day I went out, I was in a hurry. So I forgot my headphones home. It was the strangest feeling. I heard so many noises. Every little word anyone said. It was so weird.

But then I started listening what they were saying and it started getting my interest. Some of them said the most strangest things.

There was this man on a train. He was talking to a phone and he was drunk. The things he said, he must have been the most disturbing man I have ever seen.

But it made me realise, that there are a lot of interesting people around us. And sometimes it is good to pay attention.


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