My zodiac sign is gemini. A sign of light-minded intellectualism, the humorous one who refuses to take things very seriously. The Gemini astrological sign is the character of the entertainer. This is something I agree. I am the tyle who always need new information and I love to talk. I have a habbit to talk people to death, figuratively speaking. I like being in the centre of attention. But I don’t look for it all the time. I know when to hold back. When it gomes to problems, I usually don’t take them seriously. I know that constantly worrying about them will not help in any way. But there are occations when I have struggled with something for a long time thats when I let it affect me and my mood.

I love laughing and love making other laugh. And I like to have fun. At the moment its mostly everything I want to do. Which are some of the qualities of gemini. The most accurate thing I found about geminis is ‘ Inside, the Gemini Zodiac sign is just as serious as everyone else. The fun and the entertainment are remedies for the eternal loneliness of the soul and the dreadful blows that life is sure to strike us all with, now and then’

When I read all these things told about geminis I usually find atleast eighty percent of it to be true. On my case.


3 Replies to “Gemini”

  1. I am a fellow Gemini, and you post, sounds like we are exactly the same. Along with the things you mentioned, I am also very curious. Always asking questions, and discovering things. That’s why I used to like science in high school. I hated the complicated formulas in chemistry and physics; but I loved discovering how the world works!
    I am very fascinated about how a person’s zodiac sign can describe their personality almost always very well! I loved your post, very interesting! 🙂

      1. haha now that’s the exact opposite! I’m terrible at chem, physics (as I said) and math, but im really good at both English and Japanese! 😛

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