One of my favourites

So the new season of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. started fiew weeks ago on 23. september. Which is really awesome. When I first saw it, the pilot, I wasn’t that into it. There was something I liked but nothing too big. But it seemed like it gould be a good show. I did think Ward was hot and I also liked Skye. She is that awesome nerd hacker girl.

She is sarcastic and funny in my oppinion. And now the season 2 started. Only thing is I am slightly annoyed when Ward turned out to be bad. A part of hydra. And now he has been captured and held by s.h.i.e.l.d. And he only talks to Skye since he, I think, is in love with her. And She hates him. Anyway I can’t wait to see how they write the script. What happens. Hopefully something good soon. Since I really don’t like these shows where only bad things happen to the main characters.

Right now it doesn’t seem like it will be like so many other shows. The first season is great and the storyline is really good, but then the second season sucks. I mean it feels like, with some shows, they don’t but that much effort into writing the second or third season. And it gets boring. It seems like the writers think ‘well the hard part is done, we have our viewers and now the hard part is done’. In my opinion the second and the third are the hardest. You need to keep people interested and try to get new audience. Can’t wait for the new episode.


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