10 years later..

Where I’d like to be in 10 years? I want to have a career in something I like, hopefully something creative. Which will take hard work. But I don’t care. I like to have had atleast one art exhibition. I don’t care if what I do makes a lot of money. I want to be happy with myself and only way to make sure of that is to stay me.

I don’t want people in my life who are very into drama and well, creating it. I know fiew people who talk about others when they get bored and what they say isn’t even partally true. I mean why? Hopefully the people around me are good friends. Another thing is that I would like to have healthy life, Which I need to start right now.

I actually don’t know what else to say. I mean I like to live in the present not in the past or future. Just going with the flow and see where it will take me. I know that usually the things I want know may not be the things I want in the future.

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