Being ill

Being sick sucks. For me I usually get some kind of heads up with getting a headache fiew days before actually getting sick. Its different than just a headache. When that happens, I know I will be in bed not able to do anything soon. I so hate being sick, but who actually does.

The first fiew days you just feel like you are actually going to die. Just want to be alone. And sleep. But sleeping is a struggle too. When you are under a blanket, it feels like you are in a sauna. And if you push the blanket away, it’s a full blown Arctics. But the sauna version is better since it gets you to sweat. So usually I wear wool socks. My mom makes them.

And when I get out of bed to make myself a cup of tea…

The worst part goes by quite fast, since all you do is sleep and drink tea. But the time will come where you feel like you cannot drink any more. Because you haven’t been able to eat or drink anything else. Water tastes funny and you just can’t drink it because of that. And you don’t have appetite for anything else.

But for me wearing wool socks and drinking tea with honey helps big time. I don’t need anything else. And I drink different teas when I’m ill. So I don’t get fed up with just one taste.

How do you treat yourself when you are sick?




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