Critisism – the good and the bad

When it gomes to critisism, I am all for it. By that I mean that I learn from it. I like painting and photography. But since I am learning about them on my own. I need some help. But with that said. I think some people take that and are being mean sometimes. They sometimes go further. They say mean things which isn’t always helpful. Some things are even hurtful.

If I write, I make mistakes, since english isn’t my first language. But I find it easier to write in english, because I lived in UK for two years. I don’t know why I haven’t been able to epress myself in Estonian. Anyway if you see a mistake, let me know. I don’t take it as a bad thing. The same is with my art. If you think something would work better differently, let me know. Maybe I just didn’t think of it myself. But don’t take that as a change to slam everything.

Good critisism is always welcome. But I will not promise to always listen do it.

But if it gomes to my actions, I feel like people don’t have the right to critisism anyone. Because you don’t know what made someone make some decision. What was going on in their life. You have to be in the same situation yourself do actually understand it.


8 Replies to “Critisism – the good and the bad”

  1. Criticism is difficult to get right, for example pointing out errors in English just feel like concentrating more on the mistakes than on the words and what posts are about. So for me unless someone says, I wrote this, please spell check and point out the errors I would probably not point out any errors (not that I am great at English myself and I an English lol.

    I guarantee you though, that your English, mistakes and all, is a billion times better than my Estonian.

      1. my freind was living out there for a while and he does martial arts, he got in with some Russian guys also into martial arts and he was telling me the stories, they were great stories.

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