3. Get a tattoo

So I have been quite sick again. But part of it is because I was kinda stupid. I was working for four days and being a little ill I kept drinking tea and honey. Then on monday I was going to get a tattoo. Because it was on my leg I wore shorts. The weather seemed okey. But halfway to the trainstation it started raining. By the time I got to the station and on a train I was soked.

Anyway the making the tattoo was better then I thought. I really thought it would hurt more. And it was faster than thought. At the beginning I was told it would take 4 hours. But it ended up taking 2. Which the tattooist said was because I had a good skin, Which didn’t bleed and didn’t swell up during it.

The picture didn’t turn up that good. It is really hard to take a photo of your leg by youself. But I really like my tattoo and the tattooist was awesome as well.



4 Replies to “3. Get a tattoo”

  1. It looks stunning! Where on your foot is it placed? and do it have any meaning.. if that is allowed to ask? โค

    1. It’s on my thigh, the front side (I’m not good with putting it in english) It does. The moon is there because I am a night person and love the moon, the forest (trees) is for my love for the nature and, well, forest. And the wolf, most of the time I feel like the lone wolf. I just do my own thing and since I feel like I’m so different from others that I just don’t have anyone who would really fit in with me. Like completely. I have friends but my music taste and style and hobbies are just so different.

      1. You are unique sweetie! One day youยดll find some kind of soulmate, in a friend or in a lover. ๐Ÿ™‚

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