Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, At least thats what they say. And I agree with that. We all have different opinions on what we think is beaudiful. One person might think beauty is pink hair and piercings and someone else might disagree. Some may think sunsets are stunning yet someone else might not.

I have noticed how sometimes we might fight about it. Which is kinda stupid. I think its good that we all have different tastes. Think about how boring life gets if we all looked the same and liked the same things. I wouldn’t want to live on that planet. To be honest I find tattoos hot. By that I don’t mean those little, really tiny ones. More like a full sleave.

In my opinion if someone is feels good in their own skin thats when they are beaudiful. Even though sometimes it is really hard to do. Anoher thing I have realised is that when you get a long with someone you find this person more attractive than you did before knowing them. Thats of course when you like their personality.

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