No words

I am not the type of person who gets stunned by someones question. Usually I can get an awnser quite easily, I am overall that talktomuch person. There are some situations where I can’t get my mouth open.

First, when I am around someone I don’t know. When I was living in UK, that wasn’t my problem. In Estonia, though, it is. Don’t know why. I just observe someone. What they find funny, what can I talk about etc.

Second, when I am tired. I think that is one of the giveaways in my case. You know I havent had enough sleep when I don’t talk. Like today. I woke up at 5 in the morning to go to work (on a bloody sunday). First fiew hours where perfectly fine, but then I started feeling tired. And my boss, it felt like that, picked on everything I did. Which made me really angry and reassured that I’m doing the right thing by leaving that place. Even though most people in there are so nice.

And the third reason. When I’m mad at someone. Usually thats when I need some time to calm down. So I wouldn’t start screaming or hiting things. I’m not saying thats ever happened, but I like to avoid getting so mad. Sometimes though there are some people who keep following me, when I try to leave. But anyway my im-so-mad-i-dont-feel-like-talking time is quite short. Sometimes it lasts for half an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less.

There was this one time, when this creepy old guy (over 60) asked me if I wanted to go to his place for a visit. At first I didn’t think that mych about it, but when my co-workers told me that he is kinda perv, I started avoiding him anyway I could. I did’t know how to awnser this for maybe twenty seconds, but then I just politely said no.


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