Five things I would change in my life:

1. Be healthier and do more sports

2. Do more art

3 Be happier

4. Live in the city somewhere. Hopefully in a different country

5, Care less about what others think.

I would wake up in the morning, look outside my window . Enyoing that beaudiful view I have. Morning run is in my routine. So I would to that and when getting back, wash myself and drink one big cup of coffee or tea. Depending on my mood. When I am completelly up I take my brushes and go painting. I had just started a new piece. It would be normal for me to paint hours straight. Sometimes though I even fogett to make myself a proper meal. So for these occations, I have some stuff at home, so I could make myself a smoothie. I would work hard to get my art exhibiton one day. And fuck what others say about my art.


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