Why did I say that

I am usually really good at keeping secrets. But there have been some occations where I have told someone something I shouldn’t have. I don’t even realize it until later. Then this “Why did I say that. Why?” And sometimes that has resulted me getting in trouble. I am trying to think more before I speak. But sometimes it is so hard. Especially when I am nervous talking to someone.

It is not secrets only. I have a mayor talking issue. I mean I can talk ages and about so many things. After having a conversation with someone I latter think about what I had said. Then I start thinking how there were so many things I didn’t need to tell that person. I have read that talking is something geminis do.

After starting this blog I have starting to feel like I don’t need to talk that much. I can write some things down and I feel like I have shared something with someone. So I don’t feel like I need to do it again. But there are fiew friends who don’t mind me talking that much. They know me, so all is good.

Strange thing is that sometimes when I have met someone I haven’t seen in ages and have catched up with everything. I later hear from someone else that I had told that person something completely different. Pretty much gossip. People change the actual conversation. This made me think about that maybe they told me something they shouldn’t and now feel quilty.

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