Mirror Mirror

I’m not that type of person who looks in the mirror often. I usually glimpse at it before heading out the door. Sometimes I do make up. But when I have a long day at work. I can’t be bothered. I think when all mirrors disappeared my routine wouldn’t change that much.

Mirrors have a bad effect on us sometimes. We occationaly use it to make us feel bad. We look at the things we don’t like about ourselves. There is something I have noticed at some clothing stores. They use these weird mirrors, which actually makes you look worse than you really are. They should have the ones that make you look better. So that you would buy from their store. Because maybe the pants you bought fit you like a glove.

With mirrors I remembered a movie called “Mirrors”. It was a horror movie about how something could kill you through mirror. After I saw it I was afraid of reflective surfaces.



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