Unkept promises

I recently saw an old friend and after we went our own way I started thinking about something. A thing that has made me wonder many times. We were talking and promised to keep in touch. Another thing was years ago when my friend promised to fly out to birmingham and visit me. Well that never happend. It has go on forever. Every time I see someone I haven’t seen for ages we make plans that will never go through. Why do we ever make these promises? We know that we probably never hold up on them.

Another thing is smalltalk. We have these standard questions we ask from people we havent seen in ages. How are you? What have you been doing? and so on. But do we really care or do we just ask them to avoid that awkward silence. And we end up talking about things which later turnes out to be not really good subjects. I mean today for example later I thought about why did I mentioned sertain things.

With the person I met today I had this strange feeling inside. Like this nervous feeling or that I am about to vomit feeling. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice seeing him and talking and stuff. And probably I woun’t see him ages again. But still. Don’t know where it came from. Well, maybe I do, but nothing I want to talk about right now. It’s complicated.

Anyway, for once, I would like for someone to keep that promise and have that keep in touch thing.


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