Funny times

A day without laughter is a day wasted. – Charlie Chaplin. 

I am the type of person, who likes laughter. And I also like to make others laugh. I rememer when I lived in Birmingham and went out. The mornings after were always so much fun. We all had what we called hangover humour. It is when you are still a bit drunk and everything seems so funny. And everything you say is funny. When you get sober you can’t get why these things were so funny. But it happend after every night out. I quess the people I hung with were awesome.

One time I remember we were at the kitchen and we just laughed. I don’t remember why but my friend was lying on the kitchen cabinet. I think it went on about ten minutes. After we couldn’t remember what was it that made us laugh so much. Another situation was when I was at my friends birthday party and I don’t remember what my friend said, but it made me laught so hard. I had tears running down my face, abbs were cramping and my cheek muscles were already hurting like hell. But I just couldn’t stop. I think I laughed for a good half an hour.

In my opinion when someone is smiling, thats when the person is the prettiest. I have seen so many girls posting pictures of themselves. And they make that weird face. That duckface. Or somesort of serious face. With almost always somekind of a deep comment. I really don’t get it. Just smile for fuck sake. It is not that hard.

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. – Victor Hugo


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