The first step of planning my next trip

I met my friend today and she told me she is going to France with ERASMUS program to do her Masters. So since I have always wanted to go there I have decided to go for a trip there and pretty soon. I am thinking some time in october. And I have started to plan it.

First I looked at the plane tickets from Tallinn to Paris (she will be staying near Paris). They gost around 160 euros the cheapest ones at least. So that plan turned into going through United Kingdom. Which also means I might pop in to Birmingham and see my old friends.


5th of October from Tallinn to Manchester

6th of October from Manchester to Paris  – I would be staying in Paris for 7 days

13th of October from Paris to Manchester (since friends are in Birmingham that would be where I would go from Manchester) – I would be staying in Birmingham for 6 days

19th of October from Manchester to Tallinn


Since the other dates wouldn’t work out properly. This means I would go to Paris before Birmingham. It would cost around 160 euros (including all the needed bus tickets). This means I now need to figure out how much money I might need for spending. Since I would probably have a place to stay with my friends. So hopefully no money needs to be spent on accomodation.

I also need to make a decicion about if I dare to book my tickets on my payday on friday or should I wait a pit. For my friend to actually get there. At least I can ask her tomorrow, what she thinks.

Getting exited though.



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