The moon



I love the moon

It is the most beaudiful thing I have ever seen.

It has that mistery about it, you don’t really know what it is, but thats he point.

Watching it with all these stars around it, is something that helps me to get my head sorted.

The moon has been there forever  and will be there after we all are gone.

I wonder how many people have walked alone in a forest, with only moon lighting the way. The type of light that makes you feel calm and peace.

How many people have told their secrets to the moon and how many will do that in the future.

Does the moon get lonely sometimes?

Or are the stars all he/she needs.

Something that sparkles but doesn’t shine as bright.

Does the moon like to be at the centre of that night life, or is that something like there is no choice.

The moon is the closest thing to magic I have ever experienced.


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