Rumour has it

When you hear stories about someone or a place, it will give you  chance to make an assumption based on these stories. Whether it is positive or negative mostly depends on your side of things. If you like the stories you may feel like this person could be a good friend or that place, everyones talking about seems to be just what you are looking for.

Sometimes though, we have to face the hard reality. Things don’t always seem to be what you think they are. That person may be really bad, but for some reason everyone else likes them. Or that place you were told awesome stories about may turn out to be the ugliest place you have been to.

I think that happens because we believe what we are being told. Most of the time. I mean imagine, one day a one of your friends gomes to you. She tells you that this girl you just met is weird. And since you know your friend longer than that girl, you belive her. Even though it may turn out to be just gossip.

I have had some experiences of that kind. Don’t want to get into details really. I am too tired to write a book today. Because there has been many occasions like that. But the thing is, we need to go into something with our heart open. Not to make any assumptions before we have had our own experiences. Even then it may turn out to be wrong.


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