Writers block, maybe


To be honest, writers block is something I struggle often. The reason might be because I don’t write that often, I have basically just started my blog. And getting a habit of writing every day is hard. Most of the time I have used daily promt for my inspiration and every now and then I try something else. Which I don’t know how they turn out.

Sometimes it is hard to write about something that I care about. I feel nervous. It feels like I’m telling someone that I have feelings for that person, but I don’t know what the answer is. Or If I’m taking a test and I know I have learned really hard for it, but I don’t know if I even studied the right thing. It’s basically butting your heart into something and not knowing if it will be crushed of not. Hopefully you get my point.

Most of the time I surf the internet or read news papers or watch something to get some ideas. And sometimes I get ideas in my daily life. Hopefully I will get better and better at noticing things to write about. Maybe you can’t call what I’m having a writers block, maybe its more not knowing what I am doing. And maybe it will improve during time. And maybe then I will experience the real writers block.



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