Chasing Life

I just finished another episode of Chasing Life. It is a series about this woman who works as a journalist. She has everything going for her when she finds out she has cancer. It is about her struggles after finding out. How to tell your family and friends? What to do?

It shows to ways to deal with something like that. One is risking and doing everything fun. Just so when you die you would not have any regrets. Other is trying to maintain an normal everyday life. Not changing much about your routine. It also shows how these things affect your loved ones.

It made me think. Most of us struggle most of our lives with all sorts of things. And we don’t do fun things that often. Doing things that makes us happy. Risking sometimes. We need to make ourselves happy sometimes. As Leo says in one of the episodes “Pull your own strings for once. See how it feels”.

Do we really need to be put in a situation like this to start living?


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