The love of food.


I love food. I bet everyone does. Latelly I have been trying to eat healthy. Which sometimes is really hard. The saying “you are what you eat”is true. If you want to be healthy, you have to eat healhy foods. But you can’t take things too seriously. I mean if you want a burger or a pizza every now and then. You should. Just don’t have them every day.

So the daily promt about unlikely pairing is slightly bad to write about. For me. I eat most things. And I have no idea what might be considered odd. Maybe if I wrote down everything I eat for months, something would stand out.

Wait, there actually might be something. White bread, spread butter on it and then but sugar ontop of the butter. I don’t know if it is strange or not. But this is something I used to eat a lot as a kid. I remember there wasn’t anything sweet in our house and it was too late to go to store. So this was something I tested to see how it would taste. And I loved it. I haven’t eaten it in ages since I am trying not to eat white bread and sugar.

PS: this picture is not mine, but I found it online and it looks so good. Defo going to try it someday.

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