Best run so far



I haven’t done anything sporty for months now. Well not until fiew days ago. Then I went running again. Today I went again. And I have to say today was my best run so far. I ran 3 km without any stops. No walking. I know it is not a long distance but it is a start. And I made it, for the first time. This made me so happy. I know now that I CAN do it.

The biggest problem for me is getting myslef to but on my running clothes and steping out from my house. But I am testing a new thing. I am not thinking about running and all that stuff, I just make myself to go to my room and change. I will not think about the distance or how tired I am. I will just go and act. No excuses.

When pushing myself, im really bad. I haven’t been able to make myself push. But I did it today. I kept telling mysyself “you can do this”  and “keep going”. Today it worked really well. When running I tried not to think about how tired my legs were. I was thinking about my goal. Visualising the body I want.

Today was a good day.


2 Replies to “Best run so far”

  1. You know, your method for getting yourself out is my same method for getting the laundry done. Sometimes that’s just works the best. Way to go and get out there! Starting Monday, I am going to the gym! No excuses! 😀

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