How wars should be avoided

Two soldiers sitting in a room. In that room there is a table with two chairs.

The soldiers are facing eachother.

They serve opposite sides.

Meeting is taking place. Discussing their common problem. War.

Purpose – finding a solution to their problem, with minimum casualty.

Negotiations have gone on for hours. Still no solution.
Suddenly one says half joking “what if we take the persons who started this and make them solve this between themselves.”

Adding “Why innocent men have to die for them. They just give orders and we have to fight this war for them, while they sit in their office and drink coffee.”

The look each other and realise that is what they were looking for – the best solution.
So they make a plan.

Two weeks from now they will meet again, but then both of them have kidnapped the person from their side who started the war.

The meeting is finished.

When returing to their army, both men know exactly what needs to be done.
Everything needs to be kept a secret. They will only inform who needs to be in the loop.
Who they need to organise everything.

Two weeks later the two men meet again.

Both have kept their word – they have captured the men responsible.

These two captives are taken into a ring. The kind where cladiators use to fight.
The seats where filled with soldiers.

Someone shouted “fight”

That’s how it should be always.
No innocent should die in a war which they didn’t cause


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