Rant – sometimes really needed activity.

Watched Dominion today. And it made me think. What would I do when someone I loved turned into, well, a monster. If that person became dangerous to others. Would I try everything in my power to fix that person or would I make a completely different decision.

In Dominion  the decision is between letting someone live or killing them. If you have seen the series you know the dilemma I am talking about. The same thoughts were generated by the series Walking Dead. If someone close turned into a zombie would I have the heart to kill that zombie. Or would I be one of those people who would start crying. Hopefully I never have to find out.

Another thing going through my mind is if you believe that people can change. If you met someone and that person turns out not to be the one they seem to be. I think the saying a wolf in a sheep skin can be used. If that is actually a saying, not sure. Would you forgive and forget or not.

Lately I have been thinking about human nature. I have mentioned it in another post earlier. Humans hurt other humans. And for what. The most important and biggest example is what happens in Ukraine right now. I mean all that killing and everything. How can someone think it is okay to do that to someone else. What goes on in that head that calls the shots. Do that person think that everyone will forget and nothing happens.

And of course something that frustrates me. The people living in Estonia and not speaking Estonian. I have been yelled at by the people living in here and only speaking russian. I don’t have any problems with russians but I do have a problem when they have lived here for fourty years and not still don’t understand estonian. They cant even speak a word in our national language.

Some thoughts I had to get out of me.



2 Replies to “Rant – sometimes really needed activity.”

  1. You know, I had no idea you lived in Estonia. People can change, but the motivation for true change (imo) is an internal thing that can only be influenced by external things. In other words the real desire to change has to come from within.’

    I couldn’t kill a close family member at all. Come Zombie apocalypse, I would be one of the first ones dead I think, lol.

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