Age is just a number, kinda

There are many people who get depressed when their birthday is goming closer. Some hide or ignore the fact that they are getting older. Some actually embrace the fact that their number is getting higher. There are also women who lie about their age. So if you attend a party for a women like that, it is not unusual to hear the same number for her age as you did year before.

I, myself, don’t really care about age. There is nothing you can do about getting older. Unless you know somekind of trick to change your past and born latter. That would be a miracle. But since it is something I can’t affect, I have decided to celebrate each birthday. With each year you get smarter and you know things you didn’t before.

If it was up to me I would be going to parties even if im a granny. I mean you are as young, or old, as you feel you are.

In some occasions age does matter. When it gomes to relationships. I know some say that age is just a number, well if the age difference is thirty years it is not so okay. Older people should have some common sence. Another is fashion, if you see a sixty year old woman with mini skirt and this crazy make up you might be scared for life. Trust me I know what I’m talking about.

But this aside, I think do many people use the excuse “I’m too old for this” too often. I mean, in estonia this eighty something women went skydiving. If she could do that, so can you. So forget that excuse and start doing things.


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