Loss of Motivation

I have been trying to get out and go running for days now. I just can’t get myself to but on my running shoes and step outside. It is so hot in here and I am constantly tired or maybe I am just lazy. Don’t know. It is not the only place where I have noticed my motivation loss. Drawing is another one.

I keep thinking about all these pictures and ideas, but can’t get myself to but them on a paper. Which has made me forget some of them. Luckly I have a notebook now. So when I get an idea I have a place to write them/draw them. As long as I have it near me there is always hope.

On the other news I wrote to some tattooers and got some feedback on how much my tattoo would cost and how long it would take ta have that done. Now I need to find a time and go for it. But before I get inked, I need to go and give blood. Another thing I have always wanted to do.


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