Child v. adult

When I was a kid growing up wasn’t anything I really wanted. I liked being a kid. But as a teenager the story was completelly different. I wished I was an adult. Making my own decisions, going where ever I wanted and when ever I wanted. But I think that was a part of being a teenager. I bet you all know what I am talking about.

As an adult. I am mostly happy with everything. There has been some not so good moments. When faced with a difficult decision or paying the bills I wished my life was as careless as kids have. They have to worry about only going to school. Other wise just playing and doing stupid things. All of which goes with being a kid.

If I could be a child again I would enjoy the time more than I did before. Only thing is that I wouldn’t want to be a kid in this century. Because nowdays kids mostly sit on their computer/ipad/smartphone. Which makes me feel kinda sad for them. They will never know what it feels like to yell for someone if you wanted them to gome out. Or what it feels like to ride your bike everyday from morning to evening during summer.


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