Childhood memories

It was a sunny morning. Me and my friends decided to go swimming. We did that often that summer. We took our bikes and drove them around thirteen kilometers to a lake. Usually having a stop at a local store to buy some water an some food.

Usually we arrived there around noon. As we did on that day. The first thing we did when we got there was running in the water. Which felt so good after that long bikeride. We had a habbit of staying there for more than six hours.

We had invented a little game. It was quite simple. One person had a little plastic bottle, inside of it was sand. That one person threw it in tha water and the rest of us tried to find it from the bottom of the lake.

As we where diving into the water suddenly we felt something landing on our back. you could hardly feel it. When we came to the surface we saw it was raining. But it wasn’t rain it was hail. We where all in the water.

Looking around we saw others running to their cars and driving away. But we had fun. Swimming in the water and diving. But when we heard thunder, we know it was our time to leave.

We backed up our things and started riding our bikes back home.

It was a day to remember.

True Story.


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