Getting inked

My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” – Johnny Depp.

I have always loved tattoos. My plan is to get fiew myself since at the moment I don’t have any. Through times I have had different ideas starting from a dreamcatcher to a dragon. I know I want something unique. But it has to have something behind it. I wouldn’t tell anyone but I would know. Reason why is that I don’t want to regret getting it.

I do think tattoos are being more and more accepted. People don’t think of them as bad things. I think it is because more and more people have ink on their body. It is a growing trend. Since I am starting to do the things I have always wanted (going skydiving soon and going to donate blood sometime next week maybe) it does feel right to get my first tattoo.

I know the consept I want. But I want to have it slightly adjusted. So if any of you artists out there have time have a go. It is a picture of a wolf, a moon and trees. Something realistic.

The picture I found online. This is the composition I want.

The past fiew days I have started thinking about maybe doing them myself. I know it takes ages to learn how to do them and to get really good at it. But I already love drawing and art so shouldn’t be that hard. Lately have tried to draw more to improve my skills.

Do you have any ink on you? If yes then what and why did you get it?


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