Hell of a night

If I had to organising a dinner party and could invite 4 -8 people. Dead or alive. That would really be difficoult. It would depend on what type of an event I would like to have. But If I wanted a really fun night.

First would be Kurt Cobain. I know this may be cheesy for some of you. But in my mind he would have done so many awesome songs. Those types that would really be loved for so many years. Why do I think that? Well, because the songs he did write were so good. I really did like them. I do think it was really sad that he took his own life. But I quess some artistic types are more extreme than others. Maybe he just suffered to much and didn’t see any other way out. Sad. But thats life.

Second would be Taylor Momsen. She is the lead singer of the band The Pretty Reckless. Some of you may even listen to their music. I really like it. I like that she is different. So many young stars end up doing pop music. Which is not a bad thing in general. But I like rock and therefore I like her more. I think she would be a fun person to be around to.

Third would be Johnny Depp. I think there would be no need for justification. He is awesome.

Fourth – Jennyfer Lawrence. Well she was going to end up here anyway. I think she would be really fun and chill person to hang out with. I mean she does and says hillarious things and thats why I think I would really like her to be around for a party.

I can’t think of anyone who would be more fun than those four people. I could name some. But maybe for a different dinner. These would be the first. Maybe Eminem too. I mean it has been one of my dreams for a really long time – meeting him in person. He seems like such an awesome person. Like most artists. I really like the songs where he kinda made fun of some of the artists at that time.

Doesn’t that sound like one hell of a night .


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