Changing yourself and the world.

Nietzsche has said “The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”

People change all the time. You are not the same person you were yesterday and tomorrow you will not be the same as today. Things happen. You make mistakes and learn from them. Some of them are bigger than others. These mistakes will change you.
Some changes are made willingly and some not. Some people want to improve. They may want to something different about themselves or they may want change the world. I bet most of you have seen or maybe even read a selfimprovement book. I have. A fiew actually. One was “The Monk who sold his ferrari” by Robin Sharma. It was about a man who was living a successful life being a lawyer. One day he had an heartattack. After that he had a spiritual crisis. He then traveled to tibet and lived with the monks. He learned how to be more thankful for the thinkgs he had. How he needed to take time for himself. I think it was a good book. Makes you think. At the end of it, I had a question for myself. Do I need to have some big shakedown in order to change things about me that I really think should be different.
I think It is a new and growing trend. Finding youself and changing things about youself. About you thinking. Looking after your spiritual being.
There are also people who want to change something about the world. Even Gandhi said be the change that you wish to see in the world. You can moan about how some things should be different. In the end just talking about it will not have any influence. The change has to gome from someone. So changing youself may in the end be the push needed for that certain thing.
Accept that change is inevitable. Adjust. Thats all.

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