Misery business

What if there was a button. A button you could use to turn of your emotions or to focus your mind on something specific. I think it would be really useful. Think about it. There would be no sadness. I mean you could choose to be happy all the time. And you had the chance to not feel bad things anymore.
The biggest thing I find hard is stoping my overthinking. I mean when I don’t feel very positive, I get all these thoughts. I mean the worst, over the top things come to my head. Like I start thinking about why do I even try to do something and I will fail everything. Or that I will be forever alone, without any friends and so on. I think you get my point.
I do get that everyone needs to have some bad experiences, because with out that you couldn’t appriciate the good ones. Or you need to have some sadness in your life, because you wouldn’t know the happyones. You maybe wouldn’t appriciate them. You may even take these moment for granted.
In my oppinion everyone needs to know how it feels like to be on your own. You need to lose a friend in order to know to keep the ones you have closer. Making mistakes and learning from them.
Feeling all those emotions makes us human. But sometimes it feels like it would be easier not feeling. Or caring. I try to pretend that I don’t care wath others think, but I do. And I do get upset when someone says something bad.
Strange things those feelins.


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