Little Things

I started this challange on instagram. 100 happy days. Some of you know it. But for those who don’t – You will post a picture every day. 100 days straight. A picture of something that made you happy on that day. The point of this challange is to make people notice the little things in life. Which makes so much sence. I know it. I am starting to notice those things. And finding that each day, I could find more than one thing. There are no rules on what is on your picture. I will make a list for you about my things so far.

Day 1: I posted a picture of my young cousins and aunt. One of the reasons I posted this was that I was really happy with how the picture looked and the moment captured.

Day 2 : A picture of a milkshake I made and then watched football at the same time. It was so good.

Day 3: A sunny day. Most days in here have been rainy and cloudy. Nothing nice. But on that day, sun game out and it was warm, kinda.

Day 4: Cup of coffee. I like drinking coffee and my mom had just made me a cup. I watched the steam raising from the cup. Each drift in the air around it made the steam make shapes and I really liked it. Wanted to capture it and so I did.

Day 5: One of my lates oilpaintings. The first pictures have been more nature themed. As you can see in one of my earlier posts. I wanted to try something else. The result was awesome, in my mind.

Day 6: Nectarines. One of my favourite fruits. They are so sweet and juicy. Full of vitamines.

Day 7: Of course I had to post a picture of my oilcolors. Just had to. They are the things I can’t live without right now. As I use them to make my art.

Day 8: Vitamin water. I bought it for the first time today and it was so good. Other thing I was happy about was that I didn’t buy soda or candy. I have a sweettooth. Huge one.

As you may notice, I just started it. But it is so good. For example, today, I noticed three other things today, that made me happy. One thing were the flowers near the railway station I use. Secondly, red wild strawberrys. I think they are the cutest things ever. And finally I found money on the road to home. I never find anything nice. But today.

Can’t wait what would make me happy on day 50 of the challange or on day 100. Hopefully one of those things is something on my bucket list.


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