Something random

How I wish magic was real. You know, like in Harry Potter movies. You would have a wand and spells. Things like unicorns and flying brooms would exist.

I don’t like that we are living in a boring age. People even wount talk to each other dirrectly. Always doing something in there phones or pads.

Where are the days when you had to yell in front of someones house to get that person out. When you played climping on top of the trees and riding bikes. Now everyone uses there computers and playstations. Reading books isn’t even that important.

Why I think this is a boring age is because back in the day there where pirates and vikings and knights. It is not exactly magic, but atleast it is more interesting than what we are having now.

I may even think about starting to write a book, just to get my mind to this world I wish would exist. If I only could write normaly.

I mean, think about it, living in a different world or time.


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