Olympic Games, London

When I first heard about the chance of working in Olympic Games in London I was exited. Two of my friends were already booked to work there and they told me that the agency is still looking for people for work. So I called. Got invited for an interview. Fiew days later I got the call that I was in. I was so exited. I mean it sounded so awesome – working at the biggest sporting event.

If I remember correctly I got the details fiew weeks before we were meant to start work. I found out quite fiew things about the work. We were going to stay at a campsite in London. What we didn’t know beforehand was that we had to share out camping site with the Dutch.

We drove there on a bus, sunce we were from Birmingham and there was quite fiew of us. The camping site was near a school. I think the distance was about 1 km. When we finally got to our sleeping place – wow was I in for a shock.

Campsite in London

When we were settled in, our managers had planned a slideshow. They told us everything we needed to know. All the security details, work allocations and so on. They also told us that we need to buy black shirts. Which was a shock for us. Because on the information we got on the email said that we will be provided with work clothes. That was the reason why any of us didn’t take our shirts with us. So we headed to down, trying to find Primark.

On the same night they told us that they got the shirts that were made for us. You can imagine we were all a little upset. The next day we went to get our passes and to get a tour at the Olympic village.

Olympic station

Then our work started. Our days were quite long. woke up, ate, brushed our teeth and headed to a tube station and we rode to a station near the village. I don’t remember the names. It took 30 minutes to arrive at the security check. Then we headed to our areas. I worked near the Basketball arena. Worked ten hours and then headed back to our campsite. Most of the time went washing and then headed to bed. If you can call it a bed. Air mattress and a sleepingbag. Most nights were really cold. So I wore socks, tracksuit and a hoodie to bed.

I remember two occations where my legs were hurting like hell. I couldn’t sleep so I had to take painkillers to make the pain go away. In the morning it all started again. Some mornings we gould see the foxes walking around our campsite.

typical lunch/dinner and signin sheet with feedback. I was “exellent”

But we had days off. I usually went in town, shopping or tanned. Douring that time I was there, I really wanted to go home. Sleep in my own bed. But looking back, it was an amazing experience. Not everyone can say that they have worked at the Olympic village. And we had our funny moments.

Me and the mascot

As promised, my memories from working from olympics.


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