I’m a night person. If I have a day off the next day, I don’t go to bed before 2 in the morning. Sometimes even later than that.

There are different things I do douring that time. Sometimes I watch TV, if there is a good movie goming or maybe a sporting event. But latelly It hasn’t happend that often. There just isn’t anything good goming and I usually find something better to do. For example watching things on my laptop. Movies, TV shows – you name it. If it is interesting for me, I watch it. If I find a new show to watch I might watch seasons at one go. I can’t help it. Especially when it ends at the most interesting part. Which is every time. Another thing that keeps me up is art.

One of my hobbys is drawing and painting. I may have mentioned it before, but I’m not sure about that. I love making art. If you can call it that. I have discovered that the best time to create is douring night time. Everything is quiet. I don’t like people goming to my room or talking to me when I’m at that mindset. Most of the time I don’t even like people seeing my pictures. Because usually there is something that I wish I could have done differently. Thats just who I am. So night is the best time for me. Everyone else are sleeping and I can do whatever I want, without anyone dusturbing me. I am pretty sure I could stay up for days doing art. Probably wouldn’t eat aswell. Not something I remember to do when I am in that zone. I want to share some of my latest pieces. Sorry about the angles.

Appletree flowers and a balloon
Butterfly like flowers



Two seagulls and a lighthouse

These are my first bigger oilpaintings. They didnt turn out quite like I wanted to.

PS: I didn’t have internet most of the day, so thats why I post this so late, sorry guys

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