Memories from Sport

I have three memories with sport.

First, the Estonian – Northern Ireland football game. Me and fiew of my friends went to a local bar to watch the game. Before hand we painted estonian flags on our faces. Wearing the colors of our flag, we headed to the bar. Went to the bar to buy beers. And this guy, another estonian, saw us and came to us. He asked us to go where he and fiew others were. So we did. Just before kickoff there were over 30 of us. Then they played the Estonian anthem. We all stood up and sang along. That was one of the best moments of my stay in UK.

Before we headed to the bar. With our flag. Proud estonians.

Second is working at Olympic Games in London. I got an amazing chance to work at one of the biggest sporting events ever. We stayed in london, camping. Which wasn’t an ideal for resting. Having 10 hour days resulted with my feet hurting. We were ther for 19 days. And I got to see so much. We even got the tour of the village when it was empty. Thinking back it was so much fun and something I will never forget. Maybe someday I will write a post about that in more detail.

Me and my friend infront of the olympic stadion

Third memory is yet again with football. I had never watched sport live. Being a football fan, I had only seen games on TV. But I had the change to go and watch premier league game. Manchester United and Aston Villa game. So I did. All the seats where sold out. That athmosphere. Everything was so awesome. People were singing and really into the game. And when goals where shot. That exitment. It was truly indescribable. I even got to see Wayne Rooney play.

Manu v. Villa game

I am happy that I have had the chance to experience so many amazing sporting events. Hopefully there are many more to gome.


7 Replies to “Memories from Sport”

  1. I’m extremely jealous that you got to experience a premiership match, even if it was United against Villa (my father-in-law supports Liverpool and therefore I need to be sure if he happens to see this comment I don’t show too much respect to an opposing side). Being a colonial over here in Canada, I don’t get to go to the mother country all that often and therefore haven’t had the chance. Sure our domestic team gets a good turnout and the crowd there is electric, but nothing like what is seen in Europe.

    1. I think the best growd is in UK. Eventhough the fans over there get too exited sometimes and it ends violently. But i bet that hockey, basketball and american football are bigger in the states than in europe

      1. Baseball is probably number one, followed by (American) Football and Basketball. Hockey comes in fourth me thinks. Whereas up here in Canada, Hockey is number one and then a good mixture of sports.

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