Judging a book by its covers – literally and figuratively



I love books and reading. One of my dreams is to have a huge library, kinda like the one in the picture. One can read about so many different things. You could read to entertain or to educate yourself about something. Reading gives the opportunity to experience different cultures. I think when you have a lively imagination, reading is even better.

When I read I find myself imagining the people, houses. I have a little movie in my head playing out what I read as I read it. And it is the most amazing thing, I think. I sometimes even feel sorry for people who doesn’t like reading, they are missing out so much.

When it gomes to books, I sometimes choose my book by its covers. When I’m in a book store, looking for something new to read, I tend to go for the one with the coolest picture on the cover. Fiew books I bought, with awesome covers, haven’t been as good as I had hoped. After reading a book like that I think to myself that I should have had more thought behind buying a book. Sometimes a really good book doesn’t have that shiny new cover, sometimes the one with simple cover is the great book you want to read.

I think it would be a good idea, for the future, to have some knowledge about the book you are about to buy. Do some research about the author or the book itself. How other people have liked it.

But in life people tend to judge everything else aswell by the way they look. People are being judged often by the way they look. I remember myself being the one who judges others. It was four years ago, when I saw three girls and immediately thought they were arrocant and stuck up. And I got to know them, and they turned out to be the best people I had ever met. We know are quite good friends, who have lost contact at some point. But I haven’t always been proven wrong in a good way.

Year and a half ago I met this girl and she seemed okey. I had a slight weird feeling about her, but I decided to ignore that. I thought we got along quite well. Until I moved back home. Thats when I heard rumors going around about me and she was the one spreading them.

These experiences have thought me that you have to have and open mind about the people you met, but at the same time, you need to be careful with who you trust and let into your life.




2 Replies to “Judging a book by its covers – literally and figuratively”

  1. When buying books based on the better covers, I totally here you. I mean, I don’t go out searching for books with good covers, but if I am browsing in a bookstore with no plans on what to buy, it is more often that books with creative, attractive covers will get my attention more than other books. But like you said, there have been times when I have read a book based on a recommendation from someone else, and it turned out to be amazing, despite the cover.

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