Day Two

When I read the new writing assignment of writing 101, I started thinking about a place where I would go straight away. But it was quite difficoult one for me. I like traveling, alot. And I have many places where I want to go. For example Greenland, Australia, Tibet, Hawaii and so on. I want to go somewhere with white sand beaches, glear light blue water, high palm trees. On the other hand I want to go somewhere with mountains and be surrounded with trees. Whereever I look, there would be forest. Some places I just want to visit because of the culture.

But surely I can’t write about so many places. In just one post. So I decided to sleep on it, and see what I thought in the morning. Since yesterday I was so tired. When I woke up, at first I wanted to write about my dream flat. But that wouldn’t be Interesting. But there is no perfect place I would like to go straight away, if I could. I might think something later. If I do, I will write about that.



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