Strange how different people are. Even if they have a similar past, their future can be so far from eachother, What makes us us? Is it the choises we make or friends we have. Or is it faith. Somehow we are all unique. There arent two people the same. Just like there are no snowflakes that look the same. An from the other hand. How is it that some people are happy with their ordinary lives. and some want greatness. Some want families and are happy with their friends and others want to be famous. 

With all that differentness our lives are so much more interesting. You can surround yourself with people who have similar interests as you, same goals. If you are little crazy you like your friends to be as crazy as you. Even though sometimes it is good to get some change of enviroment. Get someone with rational mind to get you down from you cloud. 

Or sometimes you need someone who dreams a little bigger than you, just because it may rub on you. If you know what i mean. You will soon start dreaming bigger. It’s like someone said (dont remember who)

The Dreams of great dreamers never gome true, they get replaced with bigger dreams.

So i was wondering if any of you have your own ritual, or something to help with your dreams goming true. Or if you have something you really want to happen. Are you keeping it a secret, in case talking about it might affect it goming true.

Mine is that i like to write down my dream. Those who know what the secret is all about, might know what i mean.


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