That Known Road

Imagine a road. The road you use and have been using for a long time. You know every turn, every stone and every root.

Imagine walking on it. Its dark. But since you know it so well, you don’t need a flashlight.

The road heads to a forest. You can see a moonlight through the branches and every now and then you can see the stars.

You hear a noise. But don’t think much of it.

As the time passes you get deeper and deeper in to the forest.

You hear a branch snaping near the road. This time something inside you tells you this isn’t an animal. Something scares you.

You start walking faster. You don’t know why. You try to convince yourself you are just tired, that you are just imagining things.

You see a movement from the corner of your eye. You feel the fear taking over. You panic, the reasonable part of you tries to calm you down. You are saying to yourself to take deep breaths.

What ever you try, you can’t make that fear to disappear.

You hear a voice, right behind you. You start running. This is ridiculous – you think.

But you continue running.

You fall. That point your fear hits the roof. Something inside you is telling you that someone is following you. You need to keep running.

While running you get glimpses of a dark figure and you start running faster.

You see a light in a cabin. You know this road so well, but you have never seen this cabin. You are convinced that it wasn’t there before. But the fear makes you run towards that light.

You run to the door. Open it, step in and close the door behind you.

You feel relieved.

But there is something about this cabin. Did you just make thie biggest mistake coming here?


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